MCSE Qualifications Helping Professionals Get the Salary They Deserve

Due to the credit crunch, many unqualified staff are finding their pay dropping or simply not increasing at all. With the economy at its roughest in a long time, many businesses and corporations have frozen wages, especially for those blue collar posts. Gaining a certification by Microsoft, if you work in I.T or thinking of changing career can help you get that higher salary.

The MCSE, or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, is a particularly good qualification to take. For MCSE jobs in Great Britain, the salary range is quite varied, but still quite high. Most of MCSE related jobs are based in London, where the average salary is 40,000 pounds. Although, the number of jobs available is significantly lower than our capital city in West Sussex, they still rank as the highest paying area. In the midlands, east and west, you can expect the average salary for MCSE qualified professionals to be around 25-27,000 pounds. Whilst in South Yorkshire and Manchester, you can expect a little more at around the 28,000 pound mark. Overall, the south of England is offering higher average salaries than in the North and Midland regions.

The most popular job roles for Microsoft qualified professionals include Consultant, Analyst, Support Engineer, Support Analyst and Systems Engineer. The least jobs in the I.T field include, Network Engineer, Desktop Support and Infrastructure Engineer.

With a MCSE certification, you can apply for numerous roles throughout the U.K. Microsoft certifications are considered by most I.T businesses and employers to be the best qualification out there for I.T professionals, even over a degree.